Ludum Dare 55 with the theme "Summoning" in this game you summon an elevator to seat eggheads for dinner. Made in Godot.
Ludum Dare 54 with the theme "Limited Space" this was my first time making a game in Godot. Focused on 2D physics
With my friends Drayzun and Pandan we created this underwater survival game for the Blizzard game jam. Development YouTube
Ludum Dare 53 with the theme "Delivery" this game features more audio that most of my game jams for a horror-inspired vibe
The result of a 48-hour game jam for Ludum Dare 52 with the theme "Harvest", it's a virtual escape room
Snowstorm Jam done with Pandan (art), JessicaMolett(art), and Mike Yaklin (audio) to the theme "Mischief". Tear down the hallways of a school to the music beat.
72 hour jam entry for Ludum Dare 51 with the theme "every 10 seconds". Combine Vampire Survivors, Ikaruga and Geometry Wars in this galactic shoot-em-up!
48 hour compo entry for Ludum Dare 50 with the theme "Delay the Inevitable". Spell words using the letters from a pile of pigs.
48 compo entry for Ludum Dare 49 with the theme "Unstable". Control the robot to serve Boba to thirsty customers.
48 hour game jam solo for Ludum Dare 33 which had the theme "You are the Monster. I chose to interpret this as a child in a Monster costume who has gone out Trick 'o Treating.
Ludum Dare 34 game jam with the theme "Two button controls". I wrote a Blog entry for this game jam.
Ludum Dare 46 game jam with the theme "Keep it Alive". Keep a rose garden alive and beautiful for the queen and her citizens to enjoy.
January 2016 48 hour game jam with 5 co-workers from Team 3 at Blizzard. Kevin H. Dan B. Glen C. Mike H. Evan G. and myself
Made for Ludum Dare 38 the theme was "Small World". It's a cross between Minecraft, Factorio, Clicker Heroes and Takenoko.
Made for Ludum Dare 40 the theme was "the more you have the worse it gets". Launder money for the mob without attracting too much attention from the FBI.
Made for Ludum Dare 41 the theme was "Combine 2 incompatible genres". Click to shoot enemies. Click for upgrades. Buy a trophy to win!
Made with some Blizzard co-workers in our offtime - run through an infinitely scrolling level to light some hot peppers and collect candles
Ludum Dare 42 : "Running out of Space". You are a data engineer on a starship. Can you defragment the hard drive to make room for more data?
Ludum Dare 43 : "Sacrifices Must Be Made". Fight forest fires using a tractor, helicopter, and airplane.
Ludum Dare 44 : "Your Life is Currency". Play as a druid protecting the woods from invaders in this deck-building game.
Ludum Dare 45 : "Start With Nothing". Populate a tropical island with natives and coconuts
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Ludum Dare 47 solo compo. "Stuck in a loop". Mixed a Binding of Isaac with a Mah-Jong'esque upgrade system.
Ludum Dare 48 solo compo. "Deeper and deeper". Mild cheese puns. Not my best work.
My first game written in Unity. 48-hour solo Jam. Asks the question "How would I combine fear with a twin-stick shooter?"
Done with Zaven H and Mike H, run a robot on a conveyor belt and don't get munched
48 hour game jam with Kent-Erik where we made a Flappy Bird clone mostly so I could get practice doing art, sound and music and Kent could get experience using Unity.
March 2016 48 hour game jam with 4 co-workers from my team at Blizzard. Kevin H. Glen C. Evan G. Lorenzo M. and myself
A very special Game Jam done with my 11-year old daughter March 2016. Destroy all rodents with your hairballs!
Ludum Dare 35! Theme is "Shapeshift". I chose to make a match-3 game where you shift the shapes arbitrary distances
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a giant pile of trash the size of Texas. Navigate as a fish through these polluted waters.
Jan 2017 game jam for the Blizzard game jam club. The theme was "You only get one". You're a sniper - take a shot. Defend Mars.